About the Reunion

Well, about 125 of you do have great memories of Green Pond!  Now you have another  one!  Saturday, October 15th was a windy yet sunny day.  The furniture outside the GPYC was moving all by itself, yet some soul’s still braved  sitting on the deck.  By evening the wind died down and the sunset was a spectacular crimson & pinks.  Our vision for the day evolved as we dreamed it could be. Just a bunch of old friends coming together to celebrate a special time in our lives, in this special place…GREEN POND.

We would like to thank the following who made this day possible:

The Reunion Committee:  Priscilla DeLeeuw Barrowclough, Jane Lawrence Williams, Jeanne Hatem, Rita Palmitessa Fritz,  Middie Hollenbeck Siciliano, Christine Sweeten Tourso and Ralph Fioretti.

We want to thank the following “Non-Committee” friends who volunteered their time, their brawn, and their GP spirited attitudes:  Peter Gormley, Chris Gormley, Joan Hamersma, Michelle Maupai, Bill Deleeuw, Megan Marfiewicz, Sandy Widdecombe, Barry Smith and Peter Williams….more to be added I’m sure.

A big thanks to the Green Pond Community Club for allowing us to open the Community House to display the memorabilia which was provided by Rick Nerger, Priscilla and Jane.

Ginger Hanright was our GPYC liaison and she worked tirelessly with us to coordinate the facility.

Our gratitude to Ray Promin for coming in the next morning to put the place back together… again.

Thanks to Jill Wilson, our “professional” photographer.   She will be making pictures available on her website.  The website listed in The Oracle is not correct (long story).  We will supply new contact information as soon as we get it.

We will give you information about ordering a copy of the CD that Priscilla gave up half her life for this past month.  Just give us a chance to catch our breath…and we will put some pictures up on this site as well.

Thank you to all the “Masters of Ceremonies” who replaced our original MC, Patsy Siciliano (Middie’s husband).   Sadly, Patsy’s heart was in the right place…. however his gallbladder wasn’t and he landed in the hospital.  We hope you are better Patsy!  So sorry you missed the party! Our replacement MC’s were Cap Hollenbeck, Greg Maupai,  and Elaine Decker.

Our thanks to Jami and Sonny!!! Thank you Miss **** Bartender Extraordinaire, Debbie Demarest Robibero ….. she should have been part of the party but she choose to work it!  Thanks!

Cheryl Yurescko Mulligan donated some of the flowers all of which were shipped from Hawaii.  Jeanne Hatem had a vision for the flowers and made those truly creative centerpieces.  They were beautiful and a lot of work…thank you our friend.

Thanks to Danny Luzzi from Luzzi’s Hibernia Inn – his food was delicious & if you have never eaten at his restaurant on Green Pond Road…you already know you’ll have a great meal!

Thanks to Gup of Party Jukes for the juke box and the music.

WE CAN’T FORGET TO THANK YOU! GREEN PONDERS PAST & PRESENT( it wouldn’t have happened without you.)

Bruce  & Susie Perkins Cassella, Ed & Judy Barker Crump, Priscilla & Bob DeLeeuw Barrowclough, Carol Dietl Blanchard, Linda Dietl Justesen, Ralph Fioretti, Jeanne Hatem, Liz Higgins Mattson, Jane Lawrence Williams, Kevin & Kathy Korb  McGarry, Pat Mulcahey Hatem, Rita Palmitessa Fritz, Al & Cindy Charlton Porcaro, Leslie Ruport Smart, Lindsay Ruport Callahan, Elaine Smith Hoekstra, Christine Sweeten Tourso, Lynn Walker Kloss, Gary & Jane Darling, Starr Berenbroick, Sandy Widdicombe, Skip Widdicombe, Dave & Diane Martin, Robert & Nancy Goerner  DeVries, John Semar, Mary Ellen Hin Broadwell, Judy Hin, Peter Hin, Bob & Katha Sinclair Griswold, Sue & Mike  VanLenten Bernstein, Bob & Janet Hatke, Jerry & Denise Libutti Staub, Bob Gormley, Chris Gormley, Pat Skinner Pannicke, Elaine Decker, Jackie Edson Plaatsman, Middie & Patsy Hollenbeck Siciliano, Ann Stokes & George Neff,  Cinde Helwig Cotten, Cappy Hollenbeck, Denny Stewart, Carolyn Berenbroick & Jim Keegan, Bunker Berry, Nancy Foss Lathrop, Pat Ferrera, Mike & Mary Ann Halkius, Barbara Halkius Triantafillou, David Griswold (Pinky) & Maureen  Huber, Kathy Watson & Steve (Ziggy) Florence,  Greg and Jeanne Smythe Maupai, Tom & JoAnn Gundlach, Bitsy, Barbara  Van Riper & Peter Cossman, & Buzzy & Barbra Van Riper, Ed Chesnut, Pat Goodyear House, John Helwig, Bill DeLeeuw, Peter Gormley, David Van Lenten, Doris Fillmore, Barbara Rohrhurst, Bill Krause,  and Glenn Chesnut, Pam VanderBeck,  Roy Heerema,  Brian & Wendy Blanchard, Jerry Budin & Therese Palazzo,  Ray Schank, Joan Hamersma, Jan Roche,  Cathy Decker Beevers,  Michelle Maupai, Bob & Sue McGarry Davis,  Dale Brandenburg Healey & husband, Mark Brandenburg, Alan & Susan Smythe Scripture, Alice Tol , Maryanne Fette Di Lella, Melanie Wynkoop Harwood, Craig Doolittle.  A few more old friends came last minute, Boots Thomas Turner, Nancy MacIntyre Hollinshead, and Eric Schwartz, and Liz Hurley Muchmore. And we hope no one else was forgotten!

If you don’t want to post here you can also contact us via e-mail at: greenpondreunion@gmail.com

More later…jlw


56 Responses to About the Reunion

  1. Thomas Gundlach says:


    • gpreunion says:

      Please email this on to friends of remembered years!

      • Chris Davick says:

        Is there a list of people attending this event? If so can I see the list, I would like to see if there will be someone I know attending. Like Ralph Maupai, Jimmy Breslin, Richard Decker etc. Any one that lived all year round before the 1960’s.
        Chris Davick

        • Elaine Decker says:

          Chris, My brother (who now goes by Rick) lives in Hawaii and won’t be making the trip.
          I’ll be there. But you might see that as a good reason for you to skip it! 😉

      • Linda Dietl Justesen says:

        Hi Chris, We will be going, Linda and Carol Dietl. We lived across the street from you on Sunset. Will be glad to see you. We, like you, would like to see a list of the people who are going to be there.

      • I wouldn’t miss this for anything. I have been dreaming of getting together with everyone from Green Pond for many years, and now it’s really happening!! Can’t wait to see you all there!!

    • Have not heard from you in a while. Hope you are coming. The list keeps growing and it keeps my memory bank jumping. Do you have any good old pictures? Scott Ruport had shared a good story about a snake in cove, he was with you in boat.

  2. Jane Lawrence Williams says:

    This is a test..to see if this is working!!! IS IT?

  3. Are you able to get into this page? I do not see many contacts.

  4. Jane Lawrence Williams says:

    Hey WHAT was YOUR nickname way back then?

  5. Elaine Decker says:

    The page looks terrific.
    Only change I suggest is to tell people to whom the checks should be made out.

  6. gpreunion says:

    Make checks to Green Pond Reunion. We have a special account.

  7. Anne Brubaker Burns says:

    Wish I could be there but have a wedding that day! Enjoy everyone.
    Anne Brubaker Burns

  8. Jane Lawrence Williams says:

    We are so glad you are coming! We will post a list of attendees around September 15…The Committee is still working on contacting as many as possible from all age groups. Can’t wait till October 15th!

  9. Lat25five says:

    Is there an attendee list available for viewing before the cut off date. Is the cut-off date firm?
    Just getting this link so still trying to work my schedule.
    Best to all.

    btw lat25five = Skip Schildkamp , 3 Bonnie Brae

    • It would be great if you came! Who are your old cronies you would like to contact?

      • Lat25five says:

        Hi Priscella. Been awhile hope you and all your family are well. Working on getting up that w/e. L Bright said she will be returning from Europe that day but if I come up she will go. Dave Berry will be at his daughters college that w/e. Not a facebook user so really havent been in touch with too many others over the years but will give rob a call for sure.
        Take care looking forward to GP in the fall.

    • Bob DeCamp says:

      Hi Skip- I think I remember you- I lived next door to Miss Marion Smith with my grandpa on Bonnie Brae up thru 1964.
      I can’t make the reunion, but have been checking the website and FB regularly.
      Bob DeCamp

      • George Edw. Seymour says:

        Bob: Do you mean Bonnie Brae in Millington, NJ? If yes, please contact me. Thanks, George.Edw @ Gmail.com

        • Bob DeCamp says:

          George, Bonnie Brae, where I spent my summers in my early years was in Green Pond, NJ. I have been gone from NJ since 1965, and have been in south Georgia many years.

  10. Final cut off will probably be about Oct. 1st.

  11. Yes, a present reserved list will be placed next week.

  12. No one will remember me or my brother but we spent several weeks .. during several years visiting grandparents and uncles and aunts (Valentine VandeWeghe, Bob Vande Weghe, Al Vande Weghe,Lillian and Richard Becker all these on Dad’s side and Frank and Lil & Doris Sims on my mothers side. They all had places on the Lake or a few houses in. I remember going to the club house for movies and dances and trying to get girls to meet me under the life guard stand. Water skied and cannoe runs on the lake. Long trips from one end of the lake to the other with a stop at the rocks for lunch …. very fond memories ….. I took my wife and kids back to see all of it back in the late 60’s and it was amazing how little it had changed. It is a great place so I pray all of you will have the same great memories my brother and I have of Green Pond.

    Jerome Vande Weghe’s Sons
    Jeff and Pete
    I think another nice touch would be for all who comment to say where they live now and what they are doing
    Dad is gone and most of the aunts and uncles are gone .
    Jeff lives in Simpsonville SC = retired from Michelin Tire . I am Pete a Pastor in Brandon, Florida

    • Thanks for nice note of memories. If you go into Green Pond Summers Remembered on Face Book, you will see a lot of old GP Pictures, and some names you might recall. I was good friends with your cousin Kathy, and of course knew all the girls and Betty & George. I got to know Kraus, she had also been a Vande Wegh at a retirement community, she passed away last year. (She told the story of going to Olympics in 40,s to see cousin compete) Good idea about past names!

      • Elaine VandeWeghe Krause, 1919-2010, daughter of Charles VDW, one of the original brothers who came over from Belgium during WWI. Her brother, Aurele “Van” is still with us, living at the VA home in Paramus with his wife Gwen. Most of their 6 children still live in the northern NJ area and get up to Green Pond often. She went to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and refused to stand when Hitler entered the stadium, courageous for 16 year old girl with all the German “security” around. Her cousin, Ernie won 2nd in the backstroke (I think).

        Bill Krause

  13. Linda Vandeweghe says:

    On the home page, the person second from the right is Debby Clark. I should know the rest but can’t remember.

    Linda Vandewehge

  14. Ann Neff says:

    THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL! (Really!) Ann Stokes (Neff) – Sunset Road 1953-1959.

  15. Well i think i have convinced Barbara, Buzzy and Barbara to all come. so you may have all of us. I am flying up from FL for the occasion…Times are tough these days and it is nourishing to have such fond memories of our wonderful times at Green Pond.

  16. Elaine Decker says:

    Priscilla, What a great list of people coming already! It’s an interesting mix of ages, but all names I remember, even if they were a tad older or younger than I. Thanks so much to you and all of the committee members for their hard work in putting this together for the rest of us. I’m really looking forward to it.
    Elaine Decker (now living in Providence, RI, but trying to sell our house so we can retire to a condo in Vermont, to be near my sister, Barbara, and her family.)

  17. Would be wonderful to see the following: Joanne Tanis, Debbie Clark, Elaine White, Barbara Seymour, Robby Reinhold, Tim Minnick, Tim Palmetesa, the Edisons, Bobby Fererra, Dick Vermuelen, trying to picture who was at the rock parties and hanging out at the beach…Mike Halkias…
    thanks so much.

    • gpreunion says:

      Keep trying to tracedown Tim Minnik, spoke with Bonnie Ferrara when her brother Gary passed away, but unsure if she can make it. Dick Vermeulen wanted to come but he has boat show in Cincinatti that weekend. (he has boat company), Elaine can,t make it, waiting to hear from Joann, Barara S also lives in Florida, her brother is coming, have one Edson, maybe other sisters will also come.

  18. You are terrific. Really looking forward to the weekend…thank you. Elizabeth

  19. Denise Censier Stewart says:

    Denny Censier Stewart – Camp #9 East Shore – Lynne Follmer Kenney and I will be there. We always spent the last 3 weeks of the summer at Green Pond – we rented out the cottage the rest of the summer. I did spend 2 years as a nanny for a family that rented the Helwig cottage. Cinde Helwig will be attending as well as Sandy Widdicombe.

  20. Brian and Wendie Blanchard says:

    Brian and Wendie Blanchard will be attending

    • gpreunion says:

      So happy you are coming, several contacts (that are coming) came in after I spoke with you. Tell Brian that I think Joan Hamersma is coming, and tell him to just email me names and I will search them out. Really look forward to seeing you both!

  21. Bob DeCamp says:

    I’m sorry I can’t make it to the reunion, but you are bringing back lots of memories of good times! I found a few old pics and put them on our facebook site (Bob Paula De Camp) so anyone can see ’em. We just did not take many pics back then.
    I left NJ in 1965 for Fl, and moved to Ga in 1978 I’ve been in Douglas, GA since 1982.
    Thanks for working so hard on this and I hope yall have a great time!

  22. gerald budin says:

    bring on the tiger and cathy jurgensen and elizabeth hurley any tennis tourney???

  23. gerald budin says:

    i assumed that it was a comment of sorts

  24. gpreunion says:

    Tennis touney? Will do follow up call for Sunday morning poaaible.

  25. Linda Wright Messenger says:

    Have a great reunion. It looks like the angels will be smiling down on you all with wonderful weather. So sorry to miss being in my favorite place in the world – such memories! Love and best wishes for a fun filled time. Linda Maresca Wright Messenger

    • gpreunion says:

      Thank you! So many guests had hoped to see you! (I think we are close to 120, but luzzi’s has been great with last minute increases!) Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  26. Denise Censier Stewart says:

    What a great great party and so many people able to re-aquaint! so glad we did it!

    Denny Censier (Stewart) camp #9 east shore

    • gpreunion says:

      Happy you had a good time! Who lives in 9 now? Sorry I did not get to talk to you, but I get a little involved with the event. Have a healthy week!

      • Denny Stewart says:

        Not sure who lives in our old house now, but Bruce and Dorcus bought it from our family, and I’m pretty sure the number isn’t still #9. It’s Point Comfort, the Hanna’s old house.

  27. Gerald Budin says:

    Great job Priscilla.. I regret getting there late and missed the group photo and a few people as well…

  28. Greg Johnson says:

    Hi All, Sorry I missed the event but I was out of the country and couldn’t change my flights. For those who knew my brother Glenn, he died in early 2009 and one of my best friends, Manuel Savatgy, died in Denver several years ago after being hit by a car. Sorry for all the bad news but I still have wonderful memories of the years my family spent on the West Shore and Green Pond will always be a special place for me. Please do this again! Would love to hear from you. My email address is grjohnson04@comcast.net. My best to all.
    Greg Johnson

    • pjfslevin says:

      Sorry to trouble you Greg,

      Tried to reach you by e-mail but perhaps you no longer have that address.

      But I just came across a mention of Manuel Savatgy’s passing in a high school magazine. When I tried to find out more, the only reference I could find was your mention on a Green Pond website.

      The Manny Savatgy that you knew, would he be about 66 years old now and attended St Benedict’s in Newark? I lost track of him many years ago and just wondering, if it is the same person, when he passed away.

      I did not know until just now.


      –Pat Slevin

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